Lake Naivasha Resort
Naivasha, Kenya
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May 23 - 26 2023


All Day

Strategic Resource Mobilization Workshop

Resource Mobilization is a process by which an organization secures both financial and non-financial resources required to realize its strategic objectives. This process entails implementing specific strategies that go beyond merely soliciting donations from different sources. The effectiveness of these strategies highly depends on the organization’s internal capacity, which is greatly influenced by the creative abilities of its staff. Most organizations (either public or private sector) fall short on their resources mobilization targets due to weak internal capacity and strategies thus limiting their ability to maximize viable mechanisms. In Kenya, this has meant that the government and development partners might not be able to realize her own development targets such as vision 2030 as well as the 2030 Transformative Agenda for Sustainable Development. Achieving success in fundraising requires a combination of Art and Science.

A proper balance of the two, results in a successful concept or proposal project that is attractive to donors. It is for this Reason that National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) in collaboration with the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals (KAFP) proposes to host a workshop to enhance skills in resource mobilization for participants drawn from non-profit organizations, corporates, national government agencies and county governments on practical approaches for resource mobilization. This training is aimed at building the capacity of participants to sharpen their acumen in both the theory and practice of resource mobilization for increased funding.

It is for this reason that there is a need to spearhead innovative public-private partnership interventions towards global challenges in order to attract private finance to cushion against over-reliance on a few sources of funds. Combating these challenges requires significant scaling up capacities in addressing systemic barriers to mobilizing resources. The training will bring together experts drawn from donors, private sector and government in the field who will be able to share their own experiences and use the same to build the capacity of participants in resources mobilization.

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