IFC Pop-Ups

Dear Colleague,

Re: InvitationIFC POP UPS: KENYA – Sparking Change!

Greetings! With funding becoming more difficult to access from traditional bilateral and multilateral donors, organisations are seeking to increase and diversify their funding. Appreciating the challenges that many East African organisations and fundraisers face, the Resource Alliance has partnered with Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals to bring the IFC Pop Ups to Kenya. Designed to strengthen your fundraising skills and know-how, the IFC Pop Ups: Kenya is guaranteed to broaden your fundraising horizons and targets.

Based on presentations by some of the world’s top fundraising specialists, the IFC Pop Ups will enable you benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience. IFC Pop Ups: Kenya  will enable you to benefit from leading fundraising experts without having to travel to Europe or Asia! It will virtually bring their expertise, at a fraction of the cost, to your doorstep. Presentations have been carefully selected and each session will consist of five workshops held over one day.

The IFC Pop Ups are designed around video presentations followed by Virtual calls question and answer sessions, plenary and group discussions. The video presentations will range between 20-45 minutes. Each video presentation will be followed by a Virtual Q&A with the speakers. Group and plenary discussions will be used to consolidate the learning. We look forward to having you join us for the Second IFC Pop Ups in Kenya. 

Date: Thursday 23rd May 2024

Time: 9am – 4pm

Venue: PrideInn Azure, Westlands

Member Fee: Ksh 12,500

Non-member Fee: Ksh 15,000

Payment Options:

Mpesa Paybill Business No. 949732 Account No. Participant’s Name

Paypal Account: finance.fundraisingkenya@gmail.com

Cheque / Bank Transfer payable to Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals

Bank: Consolidated Bank of Kenya

Branch: Koinange Street

Ksh. Account No: 10011200000540 USD Account no.10012200000009

Euro Account no. 10015200000002

Swift Code: CONKKENA

To participate register here https://forms.gle/4qdvmrx6McVmnRWZ7