Strategic Resource Mobilization Training 2024

Held in partnership with Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals (KAFP) and National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND)

Date: 27th – 31st May 2024

Location: Naivasha, Kenya

Theme:  Resource Mobilization: Strategies for Long-Term Financial impact and Sustainability


Training Area

Module 1

Understanding Resources Mobilization and Fundraising

Module 2

Understanding Donors and Donor Mapping

Module 3

Designing Resource Mobilization Strategy

Module 4

Introduction to Writing Winning Proposals

Module 5

Donor Engagement and Relations

Training Objectives.

a)     To understand Resources mobilization process, dynamics, and trends

b)    To gain skills in developing vibrant Resources mobilization strategy and Plans.

c)     To strengthen capacity in designing projects and developing winning proposals

d)    To sharpen skill in donor engagement, donor relations and management strategy.

Training Outcomes

a)     Understand emerging trends in resource mobilization and fundraising.

b)    Acquire skills in writing winning proposals and concepts.

c)     Develop initial appropriate and sustainable and vibrant resource mobilization strategies for their organization.

d)    Improve donor relations and management for their institutions

Target Participants

This workshop is specially developed to target middle and senior level individuals, fundraising professionals, project teams, consultants in charge of program, planning, M&E, communications, resource mobilization, business development, etc. drawn from government agencies, counties, corporate, and non-profit organizations.

Build Your Capacity

a)     Effective donor negotiations and proposals development.

b)    Creating a practical and solid resource mobilization plan for your organization.

c)     Ability to navigate the complex multi/bilateral donor landscape for government agencies, counties, and non-profit organizations

Register and Pay up details for Workshop

The workshop is for 4 – days and each participant will pay an attendance fee of Kes 75,000/ Euro 650/ USD 750. Please note this fee is exclusive of VAT and accommodation.

At the end of the training, participants will receive a certificate of attendance from KAFP and NETFUND.

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